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Image of two cars in crash

Distracted Driving Pinpointed as a Factor in Many New York Crashes, Including Recent Local Incident

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

It’s no secret that distracted driving, whether due to texting and driving, speaking on a handheld phone, or even old-fashioned distractions such as rambunctious passengers, can cause very serious accidents. A recent study conducted by the New York City Health Department sought to look at the prevalence of certain dangerous behaviors among New York… Read More »

Woman putting on makeup while driving

Study on Driver Habits Reveals Troubling Trends

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Each year, the AAA Foundation on Traffic Safety looks at trends among drivers’ perceptions and opinions of unsafe driving habits, and studies how those opinions compare to the drivers’ actual habits when behind the wheel. This year’s study shows the disconnect between drivers’ espoused views and their habits, especially when it comes to distracted… Read More »

The family court sign with gavel

“Raise the Age” Bill Signed into Law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

With the passage of the “Raise the Age” bill, New York State is no longer one of two states in the US that treats 16- and 17-year-olds as adults when coming before the criminal justice system. Some advocates still say that the law doesn’t go far enough in protecting teens from the harsh prison… Read More »

Tractor-Trailer wreck

Accident between Motorcycle and Tractor-Trailer Results in Serious Injuries

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

An Orange County accident between a semi-truck and a motorcycle has resulted in injuries to both persons riding on the motorcycle, with one of the riders’ injuries being deemed serious by emergency personnel. The accident is an example of the dangers of speeding trucks, as well as the vulnerability of motorcycles on the road…. Read More »

Wrecked motorcycle

Five Important Facts New York Motorcyclists Must Know

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Whether you’re a newly-licensed New York motorcycle rider, or you’ve been riding for years, you need to understand the dangers you face when you’re on the road. Riders who remain vigilant against these threats are much more likely to remain healthy and active motorcycle riders than those who don’t. Keep these important tips in… Read More »

Blue two car accident

Follow These Five Steps after a New York Car Accident

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Being involved in a car accident in New York can leave you rattled and at a loss as to what to do next. Keep the following five steps in mind, so that you’re prepared to respond appropriately after an accident, and contact a lawyer as soon as possible after a crash. Check to see… Read More »


New York Man Killed in Forklift Accident

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A local man was recently killed in an accident involving a forklift. The accident is a tragic reminder of how common forklift accidents are on the job, and how important it is for employers to train their workers and offer protections from these types of injuries. Accident at FDNY facility On Saturday, February 11,… Read More »

Worker falls off ladder

New Report Highlights Dangers Faced by New York Construction Workers

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Anyone watching the news in New York is aware that construction fatalities have been on the rise across the state. While construction work inevitably involves a certain amount of risk to workers, these risks can become dangerously high when contractors or property owners ignore the laws mandating protections of worker safety in order to… Read More »


The Timing of an Exclusion Offense is Critical to Your Motion for Resentencing

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Persons who were convicted of a class B felony drug offense before 2005 and were given an indeterminate sentence may apply to be resentenced to a lesser determinate sentence, provided they meet the eligibility criteria for resentencing under New York Criminal Procedure Law 440.46. One factor that can render a person ineligible is conviction… Read More »

Cop asks man for license

Drug Conviction Thrown Out Due to Illegal Stop

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

The New York State Appellate Division has recently concluded that a man’s conviction for drug-related offenses should be thrown out, based on the fact that police did not have a legal right to stop the man and search him in the first place. The case shows the immeasurable value of hiring an attorney, who… Read More »

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