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Firemen try to cut a car

Side-Impact Crashes Result in Serious Injuries

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Recently, we shared some information with you on intersection accidents and the common reasons they occur. One of the most common forms of collision that occurs at intersections is the side-impact collision. Read on for more information on side-impact collisions, and speak with an experienced New York car accident attorney if you’ve been hurt… Read More »

An intersection collision

Intersections a Common Location for Accidents

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Intersections are inherently dangerous sections of the road. While you may feel as though the chaos of crossing traffic is controlled by signal lights or stop signs, there exists a much greater potential for a collision than on most other sections of the roadway. Read on to learn about the risks of a crash… Read More »

The Car incsurance claim form

How Are Auto Accident Claims Assigned a Money Value?

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

One of the most frustrating aspects of filing a claim for damages after a New York car accident can be the long wait for a resolution and payment of your claims. Waiting to find out how much you can expect to be paid for your claim can make it challenging to make long-term financial… Read More »

Roof Collapse.jpg.crdownload

Accident Involving Roof Collapse Results in Suspension of License for Contractor

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A recent catastrophic construction accident on a building site in Queens sent three men to the hospital with major injuries. The accident has also resulted in the suspension of the contractor and the construction superintendent overseeing the site. Load of materials falls through floor onto workers The accident occurred on June 20, 2017, on… Read More »

Dash camera

Dash Cams: the Ultimate Eyewitness to Your Accident

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Developments in audio and video recording technology have already transformed how drivers respond to an atuo accident or other incident on the road, whether by enabling a recording of an incident with police, or taking photos and video after an accident. The latest piece of technology with the potential to change how drivers protect… Read More »

The black Car collison

Motor Vehicle Accidents a Major Cause of Child Fatalities

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

New York roads can be a dangerous place not just for drivers, but for their passengers, as well. Recently-released research reveals the extent of fatalities among children involved in motor vehicle accidents, as well as the unwitting role that many parents and guardians are playing in allowing these fatalities to happen. Car accidents are… Read More »

Car almost hits Pedestrians

Hudson Valley Pedestrian Killed, as Pedestrian Fatality Rates Rise Nationwide

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Statistics are showing that more and more pedestrians are dying in traffic accidents across the country, and while increased mileage and lower gas prices are a part of the cause, experts believe the real culprit to be distracted driving. These statistics strike close to home, as a recent accident in the region left a… Read More »

Image of two cars in crash

Distracted Driving Pinpointed as a Factor in Many New York Crashes, Including Recent Local Incident

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

It’s no secret that distracted driving, whether due to texting and driving, speaking on a handheld phone, or even old-fashioned distractions such as rambunctious passengers, can cause very serious accidents. A recent study conducted by the New York City Health Department sought to look at the prevalence of certain dangerous behaviors among New York… Read More »

Woman putting on makeup while driving

Study on Driver Habits Reveals Troubling Trends

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Each year, the AAA Foundation on Traffic Safety looks at trends among drivers’ perceptions and opinions of unsafe driving habits, and studies how those opinions compare to the drivers’ actual habits when behind the wheel. This year’s study shows the disconnect between drivers’ espoused views and their habits, especially when it comes to distracted… Read More »

The family court sign with gavel

“Raise the Age” Bill Signed into Law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

With the passage of the “Raise the Age” bill, New York State is no longer one of two states in the US that treats 16- and 17-year-olds as adults when coming before the criminal justice system. Some advocates still say that the law doesn’t go far enough in protecting teens from the harsh prison… Read More »

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