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Recent Blog Posts

Man holding a gun

Local Man Arrested and Charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

An Ulster County resident was recently arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including criminal possession of a weapon. Learn more about this case and the charges imposed, and contact an Orange County criminal defense attorney if you’re facing weapons charges in the Hudson Valley. Arrest of Kingston man on gun, drug charges The recent… Read More »

man falls off snowmobile

Accident between Snowmobile and ATV Results in One Fatality

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A collision in Ulster County recently caused the death of one man riding a snowmobile. Snowmobile accidents cause a surprising number of injuries across New York State each winter, and victims of these accidents may be eligible to file a lawsuit based on their injuries. A knowledgeable New York personal injury lawyer can provide… Read More »

small white truck hits a car

2016’s Roadway Fatalities Jump for the Third Straight Year

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Vehicle safety technologies are constantly improving, with more and more cars coming equipped with features such as lane departure warning and automatic braking systems. Despite these advances, the past three years have seen more and more Americans dying on US roads, a rise in fatalities that many experts attribute to mobile phone use behind… Read More »

Man drinking behind the wheel holding a phone

Man Arrested for Second DWI after Hitting District Attorney

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A Hudson Valley man was recently arrested on the charge of driving while intoxicated after hitting a car containing the local district attorney. The accident could result in felony charges for the man. Crash on Route 66 The accident occurred on State Route 66 south of Metz Road in the town of Ghent at… Read More »

wooden stick figure holding DWI sign

New York Man Charged with Two DWIs in 24 Hours

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A man from nearby Sullivan County was recently arrested twice on charges of driving while intoxicated within a single 24-hour period. Cases such as this one with multiple offenses and aggravating factors can result in harsh punishments and call for the assistance of an experienced New York DWI attorney. Multiple impaired driving arrests in… Read More »

back pain

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Some accident victims can walk away with only minor injuries and heal from traumatic accidents quickly. Others may spend months or years after an accident suffering from painful reminders of the trauma they experienced. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is one condition that can afflict accident victims, and it may warrant the award of additional… Read More »

Little girl in carseat

When Should You Update Your Child’s Car Seat?

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Using an appropriate car seat for your child is critical when your child is a small infant, and it remains critically important until your child has grown enough to use only a seatbelt. Making the decision on when to change out your child’s safety seat for one that is more appropriate for their age… Read More »

Lane departure warning llghts on car

Lane-Departure Warning Touted as Life-Saving Feature

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

In the past few years, auto manufacturers have developed numerous vehicle safety features, many of which are available only when purchasing add-on packages. Determining which features are effective in preventing auto accidents, and which are unnecessary, isn’t always easy. New research shows that lane-departure warning systems are one of the former—a safety feature that… Read More »

Firemen try to cut a car

Side-Impact Crashes Result in Serious Injuries

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Recently, we shared some information with you on intersection accidents and the common reasons they occur. One of the most common forms of collision that occurs at intersections is the side-impact collision. Read on for more information on side-impact collisions, and speak with an experienced New York car accident attorney if you’ve been hurt… Read More »

An intersection collision

Intersections a Common Location for Accidents

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Intersections are inherently dangerous sections of the road. While you may feel as though the chaos of crossing traffic is controlled by signal lights or stop signs, there exists a much greater potential for a collision than on most other sections of the roadway. Read on to learn about the risks of a crash… Read More »

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