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New York Desk Appearance Ticket Lawyer

If you have been issued a desk appearance ticket, it means that you are facing criminal charges.  These are not traffic tickets or parking violations.  At the least, you may be facing misdemeanor charges.  These are not tickets to be taken lightly; failure to appear in court on the designated date could subject you to even more severe penalties, including a bench warrant for your arrest.

If a New York police officer has issued you a desk appearance ticket, you need to retain the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney to ensure that you respond promptly, appropriately, and in a manner that helps rather than hurts your budding criminal matter.  From their office in Goshen, the New York criminal defense attorneys at Dupée & Monroe, P.C. help people throughout the Hudson Valley and Orange County who have been issued desk appearance tickets in New York.

What is a Desk Appearance Ticket?

A desk appearance ticket (also called an “appearance ticket” or a “DAT”) is a written notice issued by a police officer pursuant to NY C.P.L. § 150.10.  The ticket directs the subject to appear in criminal court and respond to an accusation that the subject has committed a criminal offense.  DATs are distinguishable from the pink-colored NYPD summonses, which may relate to a civil case, jury duty, or a minor violation.

DATs are an alternate procedure for arrest.  After arresting you, an officer may choose to issue a DAT rather than take you to central booking.  The ticket will list a “return date” which lets you and your attorney know when and where you must appear for your arraignment.  At your arraignment, you and your attorney will learn the details of the charges, and your bail will be set.  Depending on the underlying charges, you may be subject to serious fines, restitution for victims (for theft, shoplifting, etc.), and incarceration, as well as potential ancillary consequences for your immigration status, employability, credit, and other things affected by your permanent criminal record.

When Do Police Use DATs?

DATs are typically issued to defendants facing misdemeanor rather than felony charges.  Misdemeanors are crimes that are punishable by no more than a year in jail.  DATs may be issued for crimes such as theft of services, shoplifting, drug possession, driving with a suspended license, assault in the third degree, or trespassing.  Many of these crimes are punishable by extended incarceration.

While DATs are more commonly issued for misdemeanors, they are occasionally used to charge a violation (charges punishable by up to 15 days in jail) or, in some cases, certain nonviolent felony charges.  Some DAT felonies carry penalties of up to four years in prison.  Hefty fines and extended jail time are severe consequences, and for that reason, appearance tickets should not be frivolously disregarded.

What are the Consequences of Ignoring a DAT?

Desk appearance tickets are not like traffic tickets where you can choose whether to contest the infraction or just pay the fine.  DATs alert you of mandatory court appearances.  If you receive a DAT but fail to appear in court, the judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.  You may then be subject to charges for failure to appear.  A conviction for failure to appear is a separate crime, the severity of which is typically based on the underlying crime charged, and it may lead to additional jail time, house arrest, or other consequences.

Get Seasoned Help if You Are Subject to a Desk Appearance Ticket

The lawyers at Dupée & Monroe have decades of experience helping people like you avoid the most serious consequences that can arise from the issuance of a desk appearance ticket or other criminal charges. If you are subject to a desk appearance ticket or if you have been arrested for some other offense in Goshen, Orange County or anywhere in the Hudson Valley region, contact Dupée & Monroe, P.C. for immediate assistance from experienced New York criminal defense attorneys.

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