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New York Heavy Machinery Injury Lawyer Serving NYC and the Hudson Valley

Holding Contractors and Manufacturers Accountable for Personal Injuries

Construction workers face a number of serious, often life-threatening risks. Accidents involving forklifts, welding equipment, drilling equipment, table saws, and other pieces of machinery are, unfortunately, all too common. Sometimes these things happen in a freak accident; other times, someone involved was not doing their job in line with the proper safety standards. If someone’s negligence contributed to your heavy machinery injury, you could have a claim for damages.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a heavy machinery accident on a New York construction site, factory, warehouse, or other location, you need an experienced, thorough, and zealous personal injury attorney in your corner to make sure the appropriate parties are held responsible and that you are fully compensated for your injuries. If your injuries resulted from a negligent contractor, a reckless subcontractor, a careless manufacturer, or other responsible parties, the New York workplace accident attorneys at Dupée & Monroe, P.C. are ready to help.

Common Heavy Machinery Injuries

Heavy machinery must be operated with extreme care. The operators must be well trained, workers situated nearby must understand the risks and know how to stay safe, and responsible parties must ensure that the equipment is well-maintained. If there are any mistakes along the way, from training to operation to maintenance to manufacturing the equipment itself, people can get hurt.

A seasoned heavy machinery injury lawyer at Dupée & Monroe can investigate the circumstances of your heavy equipment accident and help you recover the damages you are owed after all manner of injury, including the following:

  • Electrical burns and electric shock. Heavy machinery can pose a risk whenever electrical wires are exposed or otherwise left out in the open. Electric shock and electrical burns can be extremely painful and dangerous, causing serious and sometimes permanent injury.
  • Limb injuries and amputations. One of the biggest dangers of operating any piece of heavy machinery, such as welding equipment, buzz saws, or furnaces, is the risk of getting a limb caught inside. A simple misstep can lead to a worker losing a finger or hand, or even losing their entire arm or leg. Limbs can be severed by machinery or damaged so severely as to require later amputation.
  • Broken bones and concussions. Operating heavy machinery such as forklifts can often lead to objects being dropped or knocked over, increasing the risk of a traumatic accident. Falling, flying, or rolling objects on a construction site can cause bone fractures, concussions, and other injuries.
  • Fires and explosions. Heavy machinery must be treated with the utmost care in order to avoid fire or explosion. Severe burns are among the most painful and terrifying injuries that a construction worker can suffer, and they are likely to lead to permanent injury including scarring, mobility limitations, disfigurement, and limb amputation.
  • Crushing injuries. Heavy equipment on construction sites must be safely secured to the relevant surface. If not, equipment can shift, roll, tip, and fall. The risk of serious injury is high, especially when the equipment is being used on an elevated surface. Workers are often crushed by heavy machinery, or caught in between two heavy objects, leading to limb injury, head injury, and other traumatic injuries.
  • Hearing and vision loss. Not all accidents with heavy machinery are impact-based. Exposure to harmful radiation and bright lights, such as from a welding torch, can lead to partial or complete blindness. The loud noises accompanying heavy machinery, especially when proper ear guards are not utilized, can cause tinnitus and other hearing impairments. If you’ve suffered harm to your faculties as a result of your time operating heavy machinery, you have a right to seek compensation.

Heavy Machinery Accident Attorneys at Dupée & Monroe Are Ready to Help After Any Type of Heavy Equipment Injury

The seasoned construction and warehouse accident lawyers at Dupée & Monroe have years of experience helping construction workers and others recover compensation for their on-site injuries. We help workers get the money they are owed after accidents involving all manner of heavy machinery, such as:

  • Band saws and table saws and other industrial cutting machinery
  • Forklifts
  • Welding torches and other equipment
  • Furnaces
  • Drilling equipment
  • Cranes
  • Machine presses
  • Pneumatic tools such as nail guns
  • Bulldozers
  • Heat guns

Seasoned New York Accident Attorneys Helping You Recover After a Heavy Machinery Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured in a heavy machinery accident at work in Orange County, find out if you should file a claim for damages by contacting the experienced, professional, and thorough Goshen construction accident lawyers Dupée & Monroe at 845-294-8900.

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