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New York Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a federal offense can be a terrifying proposition. The federal government has far more resources than most state and local prosecutors, and federal prosecutors are some of the most skilled and dogged attorneys around. The federal prosecutors in New York in particular are well-renowned for their tenacity and ability. If you become embroiled in a federal investigation or are facing a grand jury or federal indictment, you need a savvy and passionate attorney in your corner to minimize your criminal exposure, fight for your rights, and provide you the strongest defense possible. A seasoned New York criminal defense attorney at Dupée & Monroe can help you defend against federal crimes or prevent them from being brought in the first place.

Which crimes are federal crimes?

The list of federal crimes includes any crimes that could impact entities or individuals beyond state lines. Federal crimes include kidnapping and drug trafficking, as well as a variety of white collar crimes such as tax fraud, insider trading, or cyber crimes. Federal crimes also include any allegations of terrorist activity. Generally, crimes that are limited to one locale such as assault, trespass, or driving while intoxicated are exclusively within the purview of the state. Some common federal charges include:

  • Drug crimes. Federal prosecution is usually aimed at drug trafficking rather than individual possession, although possession is a federal crime.
  • Conspiracy involves an agreement with at least one other individual to commit a crime. Large-scale and other group crimes are often tied together by conspiracy charges.
  • RICO violations. RICO is a broad federal law used to prosecute racketeering crimes, often in connection with large criminal organizations.
  • Mail and wire fraud. If you commit fraud by use of the mail or by electronic communications, the government can charge you with the separate crime of mail or wire fraud.
  • Credit card fraud. Credit card fraud includes hacking, identity theft, or other crimes involving the improper use of someone’s credit card.
  • Health care fraud. Health care fraud includes crimes against insurance companies as well as against government agencies such as Medicare.
  • Securities and bank fraud. These include crimes against or otherwise involving financial institutions, the stock market, banks, or some specific type of security.
  • Identity theft. Federal law prohibits trying to take on the persona of someone else in order to deprive the victim of some property.
  • Internet crimes. Federal law prohibits a wide range of cyber crimes including phishing schemes, hacking, identity theft, child pornography, and other crimes.

Federal investigations and keeping the government happy

Federal investigations can be massive, sprawling procedures with numerous participants each treated with different levels by federal officials. You may be called in as a witness as part of an investigation into someone else or a larger conspiracy, or the federal government may be targeting you directly. An experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can help you not only determine the government’s level of interest in you personally, but also keep their interest in you to the minimum level possible. Cooperating with a federal investigation is often the best way to remain a witness rather than being escalated to becoming a target of the investigation.

If you are ever brought in to a federal investigation even as a witness, it is important to have legal representation. Especially in connection with white collar crimes or large-scale conspiracies, a federal criminal defense attorney can help ensure that you answer government questions appropriately and fully but without accidentally incriminating yourself or otherwise piquing the government’s interest in you personally.

Sentencing in federal cases

One of the most difficult and intimidating parts about federal criminal charges is the lack of unity in sentencing. Many criminal acts can carry a number of related charges which suddenly increase the potential sentence to 20, 30, or more years in prison. Federal prosecutors are especially fond of, for example, tacking on mail or wire fraud charges for each and every transaction involved in some alleged criminal scheme. Each charge of wire fraud can technically be punished with up to 20 years in prison.

Federal courts are generally supposed to follow the federal sentencing guidelines, but the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the guidelines are not mandatory. This means that each federal judge has relatively wide discretion in determining a defendant’s sentence. A diligent criminal defense attorney can negotiate with federal officials to limit the charged crimes or help seek a reduced sentence, either as recommended by the prosecutor or the court.

Defense is Available for Federal Crimes from Our Hudson Valley Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been indicted for a federal offense, are facing grand jury proceedings, or have otherwise been dragged into a federal investigation, contact Dupée & Monroe, P.C., in Goshen. We represent clients involved in federal investigations or that are charged with federal offenses and other serious crimes in Orange County and throughout the Hudson Valley.

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