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New York Criminal Sexual Harassment Defense Lawyers

Sexual harassment is typically considered a civil matter, often arising in the workplace. However, certain forms of sexual harassment can rise to the level of criminal conduct. Unwanted touching, displaying pornographic images, performing sexual gestures, and coercing sexual acts can all rise to the level of criminal activity. These acts are considered sex crimes and can include serious penalties, including registration as a sex offender.

From their office in Goshen, the New York criminal defense lawyers at Dupée & Monroe, P.C. help people throughout the Hudson Valley and Orange County who have been charged with any criminal sexual harassment offense.

Forms of Criminal Sexual Harassment in New York

Sexual harassment is a serious affair, regardless of whether it is criminal or civil. There are circumstances where the distinction between criminal and civil may be subtle, but there is also conduct that is clearly chargeable as a criminal offense. If someone accuses you of any of the following conduct, you face much more than an HR violation. These activities can land you with misdemeanor or felony charges and result in significant jail or prison time.

Coerced Sexual Acts. Criminal sexual acts occur when a person engages in oral or anal sexual conduct with another person without their consent. The base crime is a Class E felony if the lack of consent is by reason of some factor other than incapacity to consent. If force is used, the crime is a Class B felony.

Forcible Touching. Forcible touching occurs when a person intentionally and without a legitimate reason touches another person’s sexual or intimate parts in order to degrade or abuse the victim, or for purposes of sexual desire by the aggressor. This could be touching, grabbing, squeezing, pinching, or other acts, and is chargeable as a Class A misdemeanor.

Sexual Abuse. Subjecting someone to unwanted sexual contact. The crime is at base a class B misdemeanor but rises to the level of a class D felony if forcible compulsion is used. Multiple offenses, or previous convictions of forcible touching, can also raise this crime to a felony.

Stalking. If you engage in a pattern of behavior likely to damage someone’s emotional health or cause a reasonable fear to their health, safety, or employability, you may be charged with a Class B misdemeanor. The charges rise to a Class A misdemeanor if you stalk three or more people or have previously been convicted for a similar offense against the same victim.

Indecent exposure. Exposing intimate parts or otherwise appearing in public unclothed is a violation.

If you have been accused of any of the above acts, contact a qualified New York criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. These are not simple workplace violations, and defending yourself effectively requires criminal law expertise.

Help is Available for a Sexual Harassment Arrest in New York

The lawyers at Dupée & Monroe have decades of experience helping people avoid the most serious consequences which can arise from a criminal harassment offense. We’ll strive to ensure that the best interests of both you and your family are served by the ultimate outcome. If you have been arrested for a sexual harassment crime or other offense in Goshen, Orange County or anywhere in the Hudson Valley region, contact Dupée & Monroe, P.C. for immediate assistance from our experienced and successful New York criminal defense attorneys.

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