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The Basics of Gun Ownership in New York

Dedicated Hudson Valley Criminal Defense Attorneys Explain the Ins and Outs of these Complicated Laws

New York state makes purchasing a gun and getting the necessary permits to own it a complex task. Laws on permitting vary greatly from county to county, and while most permits will cover gun owners living throughout the state, certain areas require additional legal permissions for gun owners to legally carry their weapons. Read on to learn about the basic rules on gun ownership for New York residents, and speak with the committed and effective Hudson Valley gun crime defense lawyers at Dupée & Monroe if you’ve been charged with illegal possession of a weapon.

Who can own a gun in New York?

New York allows residents to apply for pistol carry licenses where the resident:

  • Is age 21 or older (unless they have been honorably discharged from the military, in which case applicants can be under 21)
  • Is of good moral character and has not been convicted of a felony or other serious crime in New York or elsewhere
  • Has not been charged with or convicted of a crime in another state and fled
  • Has not been dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Has not been convicted of a misdemeanor offense of domestic violence
  • Has stated whether they have ever suffered from a mental illness, or suffers from an addiction to a controlled substance

Other restrictions on who may obtain a gun permit may also apply.

How do I apply for a gun permit?

Most counties issue handgun licenses through the county courthouse, and judges serve as the officer providing the license. Local law enforcement provide background checks on the permit applicant. Licenses in most counties will last for a lifetime unless revoked for cause. However, certain counties have special licensing officers or sheriffs, require that permit applicants take a gun safety course, and require re-licensing every five years. Speak with a lawyer if you need help ensuring that you’re in compliance with gun permit application rules.

What is special about gun ownership in New York City?

While gun carry permits obtained throughout New York will permit legal gun ownership in nearly every corner of the state, there is an exception. Anyone wishing to carry a weapon within the five counties comprising New York City will need to apply for special validation of their permit with the NYC police commissioner’s office. Without special permission from New York City itself, carrying a handgun—even with a valid permit from another part of the state—will be considered a crime.

Get Help after a New York Gun Crime Arrest from Knowledgeable and Experienced Hudson Valley Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’ve been arrested for a gun crime in New York, get help mounting a strong legal defense to these charges by contacting the experienced, effective, and aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Dupée & Monroe for a consultation, at 845-294-8900.

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