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New York Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

Garbage trucks are a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure.  They are necessary to keep our city streets free from piles of trash.  New York City could not survive without the hard work of its sanitation workers.  However, garbage truck drivers must follow the same traffic laws as any other driver, plus they must take special consideration when operating their massive vehicles.  When a truck driver fails to operate their vehicle with proper care and responsibility, a serious collision can occur.  When a garbage truck collides with a passenger car, the car loses, and occupants get hurt.

The dedicated New York garbage truck injury attorneys at Dupée & Monroe are ready to help you and your family recover after a serious garbage truck crash.  Our personal injury team has years of experience obtaining recoveries for clients hurt in all manner of accidents and against every type of defendant from small businesses to large corporations to government entities.  We will investigate the circumstances of your accident, build your case, negotiate with insurance companies and defense attorneys, and work to get you the maximum recovery available in a settlement or at trial.  Contact the Goshen garbage truck accident attorneys at Dupée & Monroe for a free consultation after a New York garbage truck accident injury.

What Leads to Garbage Truck Accidents?

Garbage trucks are massive vehicles forced to squeeze down often narrow, impacted streets.  In New York City, the problem is even worse:  Streets are narrow, drivers are aggressive, inclement weather is common, and traffic is constantly congested.  Garbage truck drivers are, moreover, apt to make the same mistakes as any other driver.  Drivers can fail to signal, speed to overtake traffic, drive while distracted by texting, and get behind the wheel after a few drinks or consuming other intoxicants.

New York City has taken pains to accommodate the needs of a waste management system that deals with both residential and commercial trash needs, but the driving rules are not different for garbage trucks in the city vs. in more rural areas.  Truck drivers must operate responsibly, and when they fail to do so, they can be held liable for the accidents they cause.  Sanitation companies must ensure that drivers are properly trained and are prepared for the difficulties of driving in city streets or on rural roads, in all types of weather and under all types of inclement conditions.  Untrained or irresponsible drivers cause crashes.

Recovering After a Garbage Truck Crash

Recovering damages after a garbage truck accident can be a difficult proposition.  New York’s residential trash and recycling are hauled by the city, but business trash is collected and disposed of by private commercial waste collection companies.  If you are caught in a crash caused by a garbage truck, you will first need to determine who is legally responsible before you can hope to recover any damages.

Depending on the circumstances, the liable party after a garbage truck accident may be the individual driver, a private waste collection company, the city or local municipality, or even the manufacturer of the garbage truck.  Your claim may involve a combination of driver error, poor training, poorly maintained or defectively manufactured trucks, improperly maintained streets, and a number of private and public actors.  A savvy New York garbage truck accident lawyer can investigate the circumstances underlying your injury and determine who is responsible as well as how best to hold them liable and maximize your available damages.

Passionate New York Garbage Truck Crash Attorneys Waiting to Protect Your Rights

If you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident involving a garbage truck in Orange County or New York City, find out if you should file a claim for damages by contacting the experienced, talented, and effective Goshen personal injury lawyers Dupée & Monroe at 845-294-8900.

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