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Recent Blog Posts

Child seated in blue rear facing car seat

Medical Association Recommends Extended Use of Rear-Facing Seats

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

No matter how careful or conscientious parents or guardians may be while driving with their children in the car, they won’t be able to prevent every accident. What parents can do is ensure that their children are traveling as safely as possible so as to prevent as much risk of serious injury as possible… Read More »

What to do if Arrested in New York

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

For most people, being arrested is a frightening experience, filled with anxiety and a sense of powerlessness. Much of this stress comes from not knowing your rights, not knowing what to expect, and not knowing what you should be doing to protect yourself. However, the steps you take immediately after your arrest, and the… Read More »

house that has lead

Over 800 Children in New York City Public Housing Test Positive for Elevated Lead Levels

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

New York City officials recently released information showing that hundreds of children in public housing have tested positive for lead poisoning in recent years.  Mayor Bill de Blasio has determined to investigate approximately 130,000 New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) apartments where lead paint may have been used.  Read on to learn about the… Read More »

Car in a crash with other car can lead to issues in liability, especially when permissive use rule is in effect

Claims against a Vehicle’s Owner after an Accident

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Serious accidents can leave victims with a mountain of medical bills and can even limit their ability to work and earn money to pay those bills. When the at-fault driver in a crash doesn’t have sufficient insurance coverage or assets to pay the victim what they deserve, getting all the compensation needed after a… Read More »

Bike wreck

Teenage Bike Rider in Critical Condition after Bicycle Accident Near Brooklyn, NY Playground

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

On August 3, a 13-year-old boy was hit by an SUV near a Brooklyn playground. He is now in critical condition. According to police sources and witnesses, he was struck by a white 2006 Ford Explorer outside Linwood Playground near Hegeman Avenue in East New York. One accident witness said the impact was so… Read More »

hand signing lawsuit paper

Man Files Lawsuit against Local Police, Claiming Constitutional Rights Violation during Arrest

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A Kingston resident has filed a federal lawsuit seeking money damages from two members of the Kingston Police Department, claiming that he had his constitutional rights violated during an arrest in 2015. Read about the lawsuit below, and contact a knowledgeable Hudson Valley civil rights attorney if you believe that your constitutional rights were… Read More »

Confidential documents sealed in a manilla envelope

Despite Change in Record-Sealing Law, Few New Yorkers Sealing Old Criminal Histories

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

According to reporting conducted by the New York Times, although a change in New York law made it easier for those with old convictions to have their criminal records sealed; yet there is still a low number in sealing conviction records. Read on to learn about the rates at which New Yorkers have utilized… Read More »

sign that reads felony

Grandfather Faces Felony Charges After Drunk Driving Crash With Grandkids in Car

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A New York man was allegedly driving his Ford Expedition while intoxicated when he struck another car in Suffolk County, New York.  The driver’s two grandsons were in the SUV with him at the time.  Read on to learn about the felony DUI case, and contact an experienced New York criminal defense attorney if… Read More »

Hit and Run Sign

Teen Driver Arrested after Alleged Unlicensed Hit-and-Run Accident

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

A local teen has recently been arrested after police claim that the driver committed a hit-and-run while driving without a license. Read on to learn more about the case and the charges being imposed by police, and contact a knowledgeable New York criminal defense attorney if you’re facing charges in the Hudson Valley. Newburgh… Read More »

Guy drinking alcohol while driving

Close to 50 Hudson Valley Drivers Charged in DWI Crackdown Weekend

By Dupee & Monrow, P.C. |

Police arrested nearly 50 drivers in the Hudson Valley for allegedly driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol as part of a recent statewide DWI crackdown.  Read on to learn about the crackdown, and if you or someone you know is charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) in… Read More »

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