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New York Lawyer Helping with Construction Zone Car Crashes

Construction zones can be chaotic, messy, and dangerous. Serious accidents can occur when construction zones interfere with the flow of traffic, construction projects cause damage to the roadway, or debris from a nearby construction site ends up in the road. Most New York drivers are familiar with the roadway hazards that can be found while driving through construction zones. If you are in need of a lawyer to help in your car accident occurring in road construction, contact our lawyers today.

Many New Yorkers suffer injuries in construction zone crashes each year

Hundreds of New York drivers each year only learn how perilous it can be to drive through a construction zone when they become involved in a construction zone crash. The dedicated Hudson Valley injury accident lawyers at Dupée & Monroe can help you file a claim for damages after a construction zone accident injures you or a loved one. Our skilled attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding a crash and help you get the money you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation after an accident.

What makes construction zones dangerous for drivers?

The reasons that drivers passing near or through construction zones are at greater risk of experiencing a crash include:

  • Damage to road surfaces: The large trucks and heavy equipment passing in and out of construction zones can often do damage to road surfaces near the site. Drivers may lose control of their vehicles or suffer damage to their cars when roads become marked by potholes or other damage.
  • Debris in the road: Raw materials or debris from a construction site often winds up in the road neighboring the site. Often, drivers may encounter lumber, debris from a demolition project, or loose gravel in the road near a work site. Drivers who lose traction or who must swerve to avoid hitting these hazards can end up seriously injured in a crash.
  • Narrowed lanes: When construction zones cause lanes of traffic to be narrowed, drivers have less space to react to and avoid hitting objects in the road or a large truck suddenly entering the roadway.
  • Poor signage or road markings: Construction on roads and highways can cause lane markings to be obscured or destroyed. As a construction project evolves, existing signage may become inaccurate or insufficient to safely direct traffic. These issues can cause confusion among drivers, leading to a crash.

Inattentive drivers: It is extremely important that drivers pay vigilant attention when driving through construction zones. Tragically, many drivers treat driving through construction zones the same as they would any other stretch of road. The phenomenon of distracted driving is even more of a threat in construction zones than elsewhere. When careless or reckless drivers fail to take the necessary amount of care when driving through a construction zone, this lack of attention can cause a serious crash.

Call Our Goshen Injury Lawyers Right Away after a Hudson Valley Construction Zone Car Accident

There may be many different parties potentially liable to you in a construction zone car accident, with different timelines and procedures depending upon who is involved. It is important to act quickly and have your accident evaluated by experienced auto accident lawyers who can determine the next steps to take on your behalf.

For skilled and knowledgeable legal help after a Hudson Valley construction zone accident, contact the Goshen offices of Dupée & Monroe for a consultation on your case at 845-294-8900.

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