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New York Negligent Security Attorney

When businesses or public offices invite customers and visitors onto their property, they are guaranteeing that areas open to the public will be safe and free from hidden hazards. If a visitor who is using the property is injured, the property owner may owe money to the accident victim for their injuries. Claims against property owners based on injuries that visitors receive are known as premises liability lawsuits. The most common example of a premises liability claim is a slip-and-fall claim, but dangerous floors are only one example of ways that property owners subject visitors to hidden risks. Read on to learn more from our negligent security law firm.

New York Property owners are obligated to provide for customer safety

Business owners are obligated not only to provide safe, well-maintained premises that are free from slipping or tripping hazards; they also have a legal duty to provide adequate security against criminal threats. While property owners can’t predict every possible scenario where a criminal might prey upon one of their visitors or customers, they have a duty to make reasonable provisions for visitor safety, such as by using:

  • Security cameras
  • Locks on doors
  • Adequate lighting in parking lots, hallways, and alleyways
  • Security guards who patrol the premises
  • Alarm systems

In the case an owner does not adhere to the above, there is a higher chance that the negligent security may lead to unsafe premises.

Property owners face liability for failing to provide essential security for customers and visitors

When property owners fail to take reasonable measures to address safety threats, and one of their customers or visitors falls victim to one of these threats to safety, they can face a lawsuit for damages based on a claim of negligent security. Claims for negligent security may be based on a visitor becoming a victim of:

  • Sexual assault
  • Armed robbery, such as mugging
  • Assault
  • Kidnapping

Becoming the victim of a violent crime can cause lifelong scars, both physical and emotional. Often, the perpetrator of a crime, if apprehended and convicted, can provide little in the form of monetary compensation to help victims afford their medical expenses and lost wages, not to mention provide compensation for the psychological pain they’ve suffered. Individuals who become victims of a crime on property owned by a business should explore whether they have a claim against the owner of that property by speaking with a New York premises liability lawyer as soon as possible after an attack. The negligent security lawyers at Dupée & Monroe can provide a free evaluation of your potential lawsuit or claim. Our seasoned personal injury lawyers will investigate your claim by speaking with eyewitnesses, reviewing local police reports and security logs, and inspecting the facility where the attack happened to prove the extent to which property owners knew about and ignored a potential threat to their visitors’ safety. Our aggressive and professional team of attorneys will be by your side from the beginning to the end of your claim, helping you recover every dollar you deserve for your injuries.

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