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Can an Expert Improve My Lawsuit’s Chances of Success?

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When making your case before a judge or jury as to why you’re entitled to money damages after an accident, sometimes your own testimony or that from witnesses to the accident isn’t enough. Expert witnesses can present an informed opinion, based on their technical expertise, on why and how your accident happened, and why you’re entitled to damages as a result. Below are some of the kinds of experts whose testimony could prove useful in your personal injury lawsuit.

Medical Experts

Sometimes medical records speak for themselves, and a jury can plainly see how catastrophic injuries such as a burn or broken leg were caused by a crash. However, it can be harder to prove how internal injuries stemmed from a crash, or show the degree to which an existing problem was made far worse by an accident. A medical expert can evaluate you and your medical records and present evidence demonstrating that your injury did not exist prior to the accident caused by the defendant, or was exacerbated by an accident, requiring you to spend far more on treating the issue than you otherwise would’ve had to spend. Similarly, an expert in rehabilitation and care for those with long-term injuries can present evidence on the degree to which you or a loved one will require long-term care, and the expenses your family is likely to incur in the process.

Engineering Experts

The placement of signage, the type of signal used at an intersection, and the established speed limit on a portion of road can all play a part in whether or not you’re involved in an accident. Roadway and intersection design and maintenance require extensive knowledge and careful planning, and are not always done correctly. An engineering expert can lay out for the judge or jury the principles of roadway design that were ignored, which led to you getting hurt.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

When drivers cannot recall or disagree about what happened immediately before an accident, and no reliable eyewitnesses are available to testify at trial, an accident reconstruction expert can be crucial in demonstrating for the jury the likely way that an accident occurred. These experts can use physical evidence and photographs from the scene of an accident to estimate the speeds at which drivers were traveling, whether or not drivers applied their brakes before a crash, and whether drivers used evasive maneuvers to avoid the accident. They can also create models using accident reconstruction software to present to the judge and jury, helping them to envision the accident and see that the other driver was responsible.

If you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident in New York, speak with experienced personal injury attorneys to determine if you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries by calling Dupée & Monroe for a consultation on your case, at 845-294-8900.

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