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Your Car Insurance after a New York DWI

Being convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York has many harsh consequences—hefty fines, loss of your ability to drive, even jail time—even if no one gets hurt. If you end up causing a crash that law enforcement determines that you caused by driving drunk, then the costs associated with your DWI may become even greater.

These costly consequences make it even more critical that you hire a dedicated and effective Hudson Valley DWI defense attorney if you’re facing charges of drunk driving in New York. Read on to learn about what could happen with your insurance coverage if you’re convicted of a New York DWI, and contact the professional and aggressive Goshen DWI lawyers at Dupée & Monroe after an arrest.

Insurance probably won’t pay for your injuries in a drunk driving crash

If you get hurt in an accident that stems from a DWI, your medical expenses probably won’t be covered by your car insurance. Under New York law, car insurance companies are permitted to exclude personal injury coverage if those injuries stem from a crash that you caused while driving drunk. There is one exception, which is that your insurance will be forced to pay for “necessary emergency health services.” This means that your car insurance will pay if you’re taken directly from the scene of a crash to the emergency room, and only for treatment that’s necessary to stabilize you (i.e., prevent you from dying).

If you miss work, need months of medical treatments, or need extensive rehabilitation after a crash, then these costs will not be covered by your car insurance if the crash is determined to be a result of your drunken driving. These costs can quickly mount up, especially if you’re already facing thousands of dollars in fines associated with a DWI conviction, as well as other costs such as the fees associated with installing and maintaining an ignition interlock device. By hiring a skilled New York DWI defense attorney, you’ll have a better chance both of defending yourself against a DWI conviction and getting medical coverage you desperately need after a crash. The dedicated and seasoned Orange County criminal defense attorneys at Dupée and Monroe are prepared to fight on your behalf to protect your rights and your future. Contact our Goshen office today for a consultation on your case.

Experienced Hudson Valley DWI Defense Attorneys

If you’ve been charged with driving drunk or under the influence of drugs in New York, seek experienced and trustworthy defense against these claims by contacting the dedicated and seasoned Goshen DWI defense lawyers at Dupée & Monroe for a consultation, at 845-294-8900.

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