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Searches and Seizures

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Hello, my name is John Monroe, I’m a member of the law firm, Dupée & Monroe. When someone’s arrested, and we’re organizing that person’s defense, we’re breaking it apart into their subcategories, into issues concerning both the initial stop and the subsequent search. We’re looking at those particular aspects of the officer’s reasoning for making the initial stop. Under the law, they have to have a reasonable suspicion to believe that perhaps a traffic related offense or other crime has occurred before an initial stop can be made. After which, the officer then has to inform what’s called probable cause to justify a search of an individual’s home, vehicle or even their person. In order to be able to understand the nuances associated with these constitutional issues pertaining to both searches and seizures of a person, and also the issues pertaining to a person’s initial stop. You should consult with an experienced attorney here at Dupée & Monroe. We would be able to better advise you.

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