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5 Stars

“James Monroe recently represented on my third D.W.I case”

James Monroe recently represented on my third D.W.I case. I got a break down from several attorneys prior to making my final decision. The retainer fees were immoderate, aside from that none gave me the reassurance I needed. James Monroe gave me his word and EVERYTHING he promised me happened. I got no probation, no jail time and his fees were very reasonable, if you ask me very cheap for walking away a free man. I also will be getting my license back, and walked away with a slap on the wrist. I would highly consider you go with this attorney if you like your freedom. He was worth every penny, this will be my go-to attorney going forward no doubt about it. Thank you for everything and giving me my life back!

Simon L.
5 Stars

“If you’re looking for legal representation – Dupree & Monroe is the way to go!”

If you’re looking for legal representation – Dupree & Monroe is the way to go! I can not thank Mr. Monroe enough for what he has done for me, he is a knowledgeable attorney and is very versatile to differing situations. He listens and truly cares about your case, empathizes and fights for you like a family member. Throughout my case Mr. Monroe has been personally available to answer my questions and address any concerns I’ve had. I personally feel that it’s important to have an attorney that I’m able to reach out to and speak with – like Mr. Monroe. He’s always provided me up to date information about my case and has been straight forward. I’ve never had to worry! His partner – Mr. Dupée has been equally professional, kind, and informative. The office staff has always been friendly and courteous! When they’ve needed to reach out to me to update me on court appearances and scheduling they left me a voicemail, and send a follow-up email – which is very convenient and I certainly appreciate them taking the time to do both. When in court with Mr. Monroe and/or Mr. Dupée it seems that they have a good rapport with the Judge and other fellow attorneys present. Both Mr. Monroe and Mr. Dupée are very easy to talk to and make the situation very comfortable – this has been helpful to me and put me at ease while going through a very stressful situation that could have seriously affected my life. At the end of the day – Mr. Monroe worked miracles on my case – he managed to secure a global resolution in a short amount of time – allowing me to move forward with my life.

Mariann D.
5 Stars

“Mr John Dupée is a wonderful lawyer”

Mr John Dupée is a wonderful lawyer I would recommend him to anyone he is absolutely great and I have to tell you today John standing in the hallway I wanted so bad to hug you and thank you over and over and over again as soon as I spoke to you the other day my mind was at ease even though I didn’t sleep at all last night thank you thank you thank you I can’t thank you enough wonderful person so thankful I know you

Donna C.
5 Stars

“These guys are the best ever!”

These guys are the best ever! Had my back from the moment they met me and have very reasonable prices. They will also be handling my husbands automobile accident as well. I highly recommend Mr.Monroe and Mr.Dupée. They are very much all about their clients and getting what you want to happen, happen! If you need a lawyer they are the ones to call!

Amber J.
5 Stars

“Jim Monroe fought hard and had one of the DWIs dropped and he was able to work a miracle with ease”

I worked with Jim Monroe on two DWI cases ,one of which was a refusal, both were running concurrently and neither case was my first one I was looking at mandatory revocation of my license from the DMV for 25 years, also incarceration and probation. Monroe fought hard and had one of the DWIs dropped and he was able to work a miracle with ease. Jim saved my career, my license, and my future he has gained a life long client and if you are wondering whether he is the right choice for you I am telling you to look no further! Worth every penny and every second and very transparent

David D.
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