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Permanent Revocation of Driver’s License after Two Convictions of DWI Involving Physical Injury

The State of New York imposes some of the strictest penalties in the nation for driving while intoxicated, including numerous ways that a person convicted of driving while intoxicated or driving while ability impaired by drugs (DWI/DWAI-Drugs) can lose their license permanently. The state takes an especially hard line on incidents of drunken or drugged driving that result in an injury to a pedestrian or another driver.

Two convictions result in a lifelong ban

New York drivers can suffer a permanent ban from carrying a license if convicted for two incidents of DWI, DWAI-Drugs, or DWAI by a combination of drugs and alcohol or of multiple drugs, where physical injury has resulted from the offense each time. This life-long revocation will apply even if the only person injured in an accident is you.

This penalty is unlike the temporary license suspension, or even long-term license revocation imposed in conjunction with an initial conviction of DWI, or even a second conviction when personal injury is not involved. While some so-called permanent revocations imposed after multiple DWI convictions can be undone after five to eight years, this law states that “in no event shall a new license be issued” after two convictions of DWI or DWAI-Drugs that resulted in physical injuries (emphasis added). Drivers ineligible for a license in New York can also anticipate being denied a license in other states, even if their statutes on driving while intoxicated are not as strict. The permanence of this driving ban makes it absolutely crucial that you seek representation from a dedicated, aggressive criminal defense attorney when facing these charges.

Hire an attorney you can trust for your New York DWI charges

A DWI conviction can have a major negative impact on your future, requiring anyone facing such charges to take them seriously. Seek knowledgeable and experienced help with your New York DWI or DWAI case. At Dupée & Monroe, our DWI defense lawyers have racked up years of experience before New York state criminal judges. We are intimately familiar with the manner in which the system works, and have repeatedly succeeded in defending our clients at trial or obtaining a substantial reduction in charges. Let us help you protect your future by defending against serious criminal charges. Call the Goshen criminal defense lawyers at Dupée & Monroe today for a consultation on your case, at 845-294-8900.

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