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DWI and the New York Driver Responsibility Assessment

New York takes a tough stance on punishing drivers convicted of infractions and driving under the influence. Not only can drivers lose their license, either temporarily or permanently, from being found guilty of a DUI, but they can also incur fines that must be paid over a multi-year span. Drivers convicted of multiple minor offenses will also face these fees, known as the driver responsibility assessment.

If you’re facing charges for a DWI/DWAI or are in danger of accruing an excess of points on your driving record, seek out a skilled New York criminal defense lawyer about your options to fight these charges. Contact the Goshen DWI defense lawyers at Dupée & Monroe for a consultation on your case.

When does the driver responsibility assessment apply?

Drivers incur the driver responsibility assessment in several ways. First, drivers who accrue six or more points on their record within an 18-month period will incur a driver responsibility assessment. Points accrued for any reason will go toward this total. You can learn more about New York’s driver point system here. Drivers can also receive a driver responsibility assessment for a conviction of driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Finally, drivers who refuse to take a chemical test after being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated will also be subject to a driver responsibility assessment.

The driver responsibility assessment applies in addition to the fines ordered under the law for which the driver was originally convicted—whether it was a moving violation or DWI. This can result in cumulatively owing thousands of dollars in fines after a conviction for DWI or DWAI. Drivers can also be obligated to pay these assessments for multiple offenses simultaneously. In other words, if a driver received a ticket for speeding that came with a six-point penalty, and later refused a chemical test after being suspected of a DWI, that driver would need to pay assessments for both the accrual of six license points and the chemical test refusal.

How much should I expect to pay for the driver responsibility assessment?

The amount you’ll pay for your assessment will depend on the reason you received the assessment:

  • Drivers with six points on their license will pay an assessment of $300 over the course of three years, with $100 being due each year.
  • This amount will increase by $25 each year for every point over six that you accrue within 18 months (i.e., the assessment will be $450 if you receive an eight-point violation).
  • Drivers convicted of driving while intoxicated will pay a $750 assessment, with $250 due each year over three years.
  • Drivers who refuse to take a chemical test will also be required to pay a $750 assessment over the course of three years.

Failing to pay the driver responsibility assessment can result in the loss of your driver’s license. In that case, you’ll need to pay both the assessment and a suspension termination fee to regain your driving privileges.

Get Effective Legal Help with New York DWI Arrests and Traffic Offenses

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